No Resolutions…Just Day by Day…

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Here we are in 2018! I can hardly believe it is a new year. Where did the whole of last year go? I haven’t written in awhile so I will start with something short and sweet for the new year. I think of all the goals that were set and not completed but I also had just as many achievements and better than that, breakthroughs! I also had just as many ups as there were downs in my personal and professional life…but that’s the way it goes, huh. I don’t have any new year’s resolutions because every day I wake up I look at it as an opportunity to start new but as I continued to trudge forward into better health, my biggest defining moment ended the year with somewhat placing a resolution in my lap for 2018.

I have been working on bettering my health for the last 7 1/2 years but 2017 showed me, more than one time, that I needed to focus on some issues that I have failed to address in the past. I ended the year with a loss that rocked me back on my heels and cut me to my core. I lost one of my best friends and also the woman who my heart loved to no fault of her own. I didn’t want to live anymore. It was what I needed but why did this lesson have to come through her. Luckily, I had already began seeing a therapist and was able to get a handle on myself. I cried for days but these were defining, bittersweet moments. That was December 19th and before New Years  I already began working on my inability to have deep, meaningful and long-lasting relationships. I know that may sound crazy to some but trust me….it’s a thing. This is something that I also know that ties directly into my issues with food. I have hidden so much for so long it feels good to finally let it go…letting go of the guilt of my past! It is freeing…you should try it. I know there are MANY who struggle in so many areas but go through life TRYING to be normal as possible but we all trying to cope, ya know? Many are parents and will unknowingly cause their children to grow up with an inability to cope because of their own inability to cope. I will write later about why so many become addicted. The addiction to drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, gambling, food, relationships etc. are directly related to our upbringing or lack thereof, in most cases.

I continue individual therapy and just started group therapy in hopes of working through my issues and developing better coping skills. It gives me so much hope when I say it aloud. To have better friendships and some day a long lasting romantic relationship is on the horizon. Also addressing my own issues helps me in my health coach practice as I can better identify with what my clients are going through and be able to say “been there, done that”.

I don’t know what the new year will yield for me but I do know I won’t stop looking at each day as a new beginning. New opportunities to better myself physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. As I continue my own personal journey to better health I will be helping others who struggle with weight loss and food addiction as well. Here’s to each new day!


If you or someone you may know is struggling with weight loss and/or food addiction please don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with me at this link:

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