I Am Enough 

I get up and struggle with myself every day. What makes me happy, who am I meant to be, why can’t I control my eating, why don’t I want to complete this project or that project, why is life such a struggle? In my head, I know the answer is to “be yourself” and live a life that you love but if you really think about it we are pushed from almost birth to be greater, do more, make goal after goal after goal…accomplishment means making more money, having a big house, driving the nicest car. It’s not. I have found that it is not BUT it is hard to “undo” all the bullshit that has been crammed into your being telling you to be greater and do better as if though you are already not enough. I am enough! I don’t need to set goals and accomplish them to be enough. I don’t need to live a cookie cutter life that would afford me the house with a white picket fence, husband, nice car, cat and dog along with 2.4 children. I am already enough! So now I struggle to undo all the damage so that I can enjoy my life. Never living to impress anyone but living to live. My goal? Yes I do have a goal and it is just to be ok with who I am because I am enough.

Published by Iamaprildjones

I am just a mess with a message! Taking it one day at a time....

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